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  • Cadenza-ANB Connector / Disy Informationssysteme GmbH / Stand F28

  • Elsight’s Multichannel / Elsight Ltd. / C09

Disy is a leading solutions provider regarding data analysis and reporting for specialist authorities in German-speaking countries. With modern software and a passion for technical issues we supply our clients with the basis for quick data-based decisions and efficient achievement of their reporting obligations and tasks. One of our proven expertise is the seamless integration of spatial data into all data-supported processes.

With Cadenza we have created a tool for security agencies allowing rapid visualization and flexible intersection of different data pools. In-depth data queries and analyses can be carried out from every workstation throughout all data pools. Situation overviews and comprehensive reports can be generated. Cadenza provides the foundation for crime-reporting and accurate spatial-analysis by joint organized data view. High-performance logging and monitoring control ensure extensive security in regard to system access and queried data. The platform can be fully integrated into safety-critical IT environments.

At GPEC® digital 2019 we present Cadenza ANB Connector for the first time. This bidirectional interface establishes a secure connection between Cadenza platform and IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook software, analyzing and displaying relationship patterns in data. Due to the interface users have access to the benefits of both applications. Databases can be connected directly via configuration and data can be analyzed in terms of network-like structures. Further data are requested by mouse click. Spatial data can be included in the analytic process, connections and networks are visualized and analyzed on the map. Extensive spatial filter options and map operations are available.

Disy has been awarded the quality seal "Software made in Germany". More information is available at

Elsight’s Multichannel is the company's flagship device for providing direct video and voice transmission as well as local or remote recording capabilities at anytime and anywhere over cellular communications (3G/4G), Internet and satellite communications (CPE).
The unique feature of the device is the technology that allows splitting of data transmission over multiple communication channels (e.g by using 4 sim cards or more), thus increasing the amount of data that can be transmitted / received from the field. The splitting process also creates highly secured tunnel that requires an unauthorizes user to be able to carry out the following - capture all communication channels, decrypt the data and connect the parts, all to be done simultaneously and in real time.
The Multichannel device can function as standalone device or as a gateway to various devices.
The Multichannel device can be used as a relay station for drones, thus transmitting the data received from the drone to a rear C&C station.
The Multichannel device can be portable or stationary, you can receive the device as a kit in a backpack or in a configuration of a vehicle installation.

The Multichannel main advantages:
1. Adaptive Video - The Multichannel device adapts the video quality (bitrate and resolution) to the overall bandwidth available at any given moment in a dynamic way.
2. Full redundancy that provides high reliability - The Multichannel device automatically detects failed communication channels and immediately transfers the information via an alternate channel available all in real-time, so there are no back-end breaks.
3. High-level encryption - The Multichannel device generates a complete secured network tunnel (see separate section) that enables safe and encrypted data traffic.
4. Increasing Bandwidth - The Multichannel device allows multiplexing communication channels with unlimited quantity links, so that each channel increases the bandwidth available for use in the system.
The Multichannel device as a standalone device comes with 4 cellular modules that produce 4 independent communication channels that enable the use of various operators.
5. Automatic energy management - The Multichannel device has an energy management mechanism that turns the device off while it is not in use. This enables the device to work on battery over time in unmanned areas (for example, concealed posts).
6. Remote relay operation capability - The Multichannel device has internal relays (input and output).