1. Teil    
Zeit Inhalt Referent
11:00 Begrüßung Ministerialdirektor Dr. Christian Klos, Abteilungsleiter Öffentliche Sicherheit; BMI
11:10 Einführung und Vorstellung der P20 Storyline Holger Gadorosi
11:30 Das Datenhaus-Ökosystem mit Bausteinen und ersten Services Christopher Stephan
11:50 Vorstellung "Modulare Applikations-Integrationsplattform" Bodo Koch
12:10 Vorstellung ZIMP Siegfried Friebus
12:30 Mittagspause Besuch der Fachmesse
2. Teil    
13:30 Vorstellung IUA Arndt Heyer
13:50 Vorstellung Gesamtansatz Auswertung und Analyse Stefan Nentwig und/oder Michelle Busch
14:10 Zeit für Publikumsfragen  
14:30 Ende der Veranstaltung; Fortsetzung Messebesuch, Stand Programm P20: C39  

Information about the Programme P20

Together, digital, networked. That is the vision of the federal and state programme P20 for the police IT of the future. In addition to a stand at the GPEC® digital (C39), the P20 programme will also be presenting its own specialist forum for the first time this year for interested visitors of the exhibition.
As part of the information event, the P20 programme, headed by Holger Gadorosi, will provide an insight into where it currently stands, what benefits it will have for internal security in Germany and how it will improve the working conditions of police officers and thus make the police profession more attractive.
The P20 programme has already made significant progress on the way to the target image: The technical implementation of the data house is currently entering an important new phase with the construction of the so-called initial data house. In addition, selected projects present their work and their added value for police work:

April 26, 2023, 11:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m

This information forum will be in German language, therefore please see the German version of this site, and for your registration, please use the following German application form.