"Train as you fight" Operational training in VR and XR

Targeted and sustainable training of emergency services

Situations that cannot be mapped in previous training due to the dangers that are too high, too high costs or impossibilities in real life are presented here in an ultra-realistic way and can be tried out in practice by trainers and interested parties from authorities using highly scalable and autonomous software products and own hardware developments by RAMROD XR.
Skills learned in this way through artificial experience (AE) can be transferred and applied to real use.

These new training options will be shown and carried out in practice at the RAMROD XR booth A60.

Active participation in sections of 30 minutes due to limited capacities please register in advance - participation principle "first come - first served", see form below, free of charge as an exhibition visitor or conference participant.

Please inquire at the booth about other options for active testing.

Inactive visitors are welcome without prior notice.

Lead: Paul Kaden, Managing Director RAMROD XR